Information Technology

Information technology (IT) is an important element in maximizing the role genetic, genomic and proteomic technologies play in personalized medicine. IT can reduce the costs and improve the quality and efficiency of research and clinical operations. IT can also ensure that the clinical test results are fully integrated into electronic medical record (EMR) systems where they can be targeted by clinical decision support algorithms. Finally, IT plays a critical role in ensuring data integrity in complex modern information flows.

The PCPGM IT team was formed as a collaboration between the PCPGM and the Partners HealthCare Information Systems department (Partners IS). The PCPGM brings knowledge of genetics and genomics to this collaboration and Partners IS brings its extensive research and clinical infrastructure. Hewlett Packard generously provides substantial hardware and services including a globally distributed software development team that assists the center in information systems development. The PCPGM IT team constructs infrastructure that supports research and clinical operations within the laboratories of the center. The team also focuses on constructing data rich interfaces to Partners EMR and research infrastructure.

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